Stretch ceiling has a lot of good qualities

    Stretch ceiling will be installed to the walls – as a result the stretch ceiling does not cumber the construction of the ceiling. On the occasion of water accident the stretch ceilings will deliver You from expensive repair work, because due to their elasticity they can tolerate up to 100 litres water per square meter.Water can be removed by opening a hole for the lighting. If there is no built-in lightings, then the specialists open the cover corner, let the water out and install the ceiling again. The former shape of the ceiling will be restored. Stretch ceilings tolerate very heavy loads. Over time the stretch ceilings do not lose their colour or fade, will not crack or lose their initial technical features.
    ​Stretch ceilings last longer, their installation is faster and they have uinque qualities compared to the other methods of ceiling elaboration. Behind the stretch ceiling can be hidden computer- and electricity cables, ventilation tubes, air conditioners etc. Stretch ceilings have very wide range of colours (more than 150 colour shades), as well as of textures. Due to elasticity of the stretch ceiling material perfectly smooth surfaces, complex ceiling structures and multilevel ceilings can be created.
    Stretch ceiling is not sensitive to water and humidity, thus there will be no mold or condensed water. This type of ceiling are particularly suitable for humid rooms (kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms and  sauna entrances, swimming pools etc.).
    Stretch ceilings are fireproof, as confirmed by stretch ceiling materials certificates.(Reaction to fire:DIN 4102, class B1(flame resistant)). Stretch ceiling does not burn, but only melts and that on the very high temperatures.
  • SAFE
    The stretch ceiling material does not contain health-damaging substances and meets all the international and EU health protection requirements, which is confirmed by certificates. It does not emit harmful particles, absorb odors or provoke allergies.
    PVC plastic does not collect dust, because it is anti-static, thus the ceiling stays clean even after the long exploitation time. Maintenance is limited to cleaning with a cloth and glass cleaner.
    Mounting of stretch ceiling is carried out in a few hours, thus much faster than the conventional methods (plastered ceiling, stuccoing, suspended ceiling, painting) of ceiling elaboration do require. During installation emerges a minimal amount of construction debris. If necessary, the stretch ceiling is simple to mount and dismount.
    As the stretch ceilings are hermetic, it increases significantly the noise insulation and also is secured the excellent heat insulation.
    Stretch ceiling will be mounted at least 2,5 cm from the initial ceiling. Recessed lighting increase the distance between the initial ceiling and stretch ceiling, whereby the distance, achieved by the installation, hides all the utilities (wires, ventilation etc.) and unevenness.
    Unlike the plasteboard, plate-, lath- or suspended ceilings, the stretch ceiling does not require additional expenses. There is no need for additional maintenance, repair or painting.  It is sufficient if the ceiling will be cleaned with cloth and glass cleaner, if necessary.