Stretch ceiling will be installed usually in the last stage of repair. Installation of the stretch ceiling takes a maximum one day, depending on the complexity of the task, work time may be extended. Complexity of the room, geometry and a large number of angles make the installation more complicated and extend the work time.

  1. To the desired height in the room perimeter will be installed a profile, where the stretch ceiling will be later attached.
  2. Then the constructions for the luminaries and other ceiling-mounted elements will be installed. Later they are brought to the level of the stretch ceiling.
  3. Subsequently the stretch ceiling will be fixed to the corners.
  4. Stretch ceiling will be heated to the required temperature using a heater fan. There is no need to fear that the raising room temperature affects badly to furniture, windows, doors or house plants.
  5. Stretch ceiling material becomes elastic, it will be tightened and fixed to the profile with special pallets. Cooling down, it takes the final shape.
  6. Next will be determined locations for the luminaries and according to these will be made the openings to the stretch ceiling material. The luminaries or other elements will be installed.
  7. If the central heating pipe is mounted in the ceiling, the „pipe wrapping“ will be performed.
  8. If necessary, will be placed a decorative (masking) ribbon, which hides the crack between the wall and the ceiling.

The ceiling is ready!